"Northern berth" has misleading graphics / buggy collision volumes

There is a certain type of object in space that is graphically round like a cylinder, but ships collide with it as if it were rectangular. This is true for all instances of this specific model and the model is used very often in the map “Northern berth”.


I would expect the collision model to be the same as the graphical model. All other objects I have seen do this very well, so I expect this inaccuracy to simply be an oversight that went unnoticed during the creation of the map/model.


The issue occurs at the time of writing, January 14th, on the latest client version 1.6.5b.138356.


To help visualize the issue I attached two screenshots that show a ship colliding with one of the four “invisible” corners/edges. The third and fourth pictures show the models I am talking about.





Accepted as SC-112994