noob question: how do I sell my old ships?

been playing this game for couple days now, start to get hang of it. I can see my old ships in the warehouse but I cant seem to sell them. Wiki is still mostly blank so I am turning to here for help.

no bashing please, I am new to this.


you can’t sell your ships anymore.

Once you unlock them you will owe them forever.

thank you, I thought I was too dumb to figure out how.

In the past it was possible, but not any more so you can fly each ship you want.

so basicly your forcing me to play hours to get a item instead of me selling the ship i wont use any more to get that item?

right now the ship’s tree is a little bit unbalanced as well as featuring some anyoning bugs - i can assure you (played CB) the devs are listening to players complaints and suggestions so we might get an update in two weeks (could be longer since in russia it is christmas time)