NOO!! The English voice overs are now 100% UGLEEH!!!

Oh please make it stop! I want an option to mute voice overs if you guys are too cheap to get real voice actors for this game!


I’d mute the whole game but I like the sounds of EXPLOSIONS!!


But oh the sudden voices! They make me CRINGE!!! 



Sadly, I must agree here.


The new voice-overs are just horrible. They have all the emotional content of a 1970s AT&T operator at the end of a double shift.

I’m Russian, but prefer English voiceover…

I really am convinced now that Star Conflict’s development team are actively trying to tank it into the dirt.

there is an option to mute voices in the audio tab

there is an option to mute voices in the audio tab


Thank you, sir!

Good Grief devs I will do your voice overs for free the new ones are awful.

Hmmm , Barry White would sound awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

“Baby , theres one left to get . Hang in there” mhmmmmhmmm xD


Srsly , call me xxxx i dont care , but this man got a voice ! :wink:

the old voice overs were pretty nice, well mixed, deep grungy voice, with the right attitude. they were like a gemstone in this game, and really adding to immersion.


the new takes are really not made well. you can actually hear it is a take. neither the voice actor, nor the sound guy did this right.

I agree

You know, they could ask the community for some audio files…

I hated the “Die ***hole!” line every other minute but I agree, the new lines are just emotionless and are poorly edited.

Eeyup, new voices are horrible. Old ones were pretty good even if they repeated too often at times.

“Attention, this is your commander. I have a cheap mic and no feelings at all.”

That one particular voiceover has improved since the last update, but it still sounds bland and stupid, I thought that if the voice actor tried it again with a little more effort it might work, but now you clearly listen that whichever person did it isn’t born for voice acting, no matter how hard they try (sorry if I offend a dev with that, since i presume that the devs just did these voices themselves)



Doing voice acting for free and getting into the game in return sounds like a great idea for a little competition. :smiley:

I’m going to have to agree with everyone here. The new voiceovers aren’t good. The old ones were better. That said, I do like that you’re trying to get more voices in here so we’re not hearing the same guy over and over again. Maybe add a woman’s voice.

Yeaaaah, nice kill baby.

Mmmmm let’s do this.

Ohhhhhh beacon A!!!


All in a pornstar voice…just imagine :slight_smile:

You know, they could ask the community for some audio files…

This i agree with !!!


 use to work in production and would be happy to help out.

Maybe run a competition and accepted entrants get some free gold or special sticker.


The bonus would be multitude of voices would add some very nice randomization and multiple accents would be pretty cool.