Non-Static spawn locations

It is not uncommon for team A to get the upper hand on team B by so far of a gap that team B is forced beyond all hope of becoming anything but another point on a kill count for team A, because the majority of team A is shooting them as soon as they spawn while a couple of objective players finish the game for them. Team A’s spawn killers will camp out around, in, and behind team B’s spawn and fire asap to start dealing damage as soon as the few second long spawn protect is off, killing team B players 1 at a time as they spawn. In a situation like this it would be nice to have the ability to offset the spawn point to a different part of the map, above, below, or to the side of their original spawn about 5000m away, if more than 3 of team A’s players get within 3000m of team B’s spawn and stay there more than a few seconds.