Non E-sports modules able to be equipped in Portals

  1. I was able to equip a non E-sports missile and special module while in queue for Portals

  2. To be unable to equip a non E-sports missile or special module while waiting in queue for the Portals mode.

  3. After entering queue I changed my missile slot ammunition on my Sword S to Crystal drones to check if what I had seen the previous battle was correct and then attempted to and successfully equipped the ‘Sword S’ Diffusion shield whilst waiting in queue.

  4. Well, not much else to say honestly. Weapons seemed to check for E-sports compliance and I didn’t bother checking modules or modifiers. I only know Special modules and Missile slot were not complying to the E-sports requirement.

  5. Whenever a player swaps their missile slot or special module whilst waiting in queue.

  6. Logs attached, I forgot to grab screenshots not thinking of making this report and Portals is way early in the morning for me.

  7. Not needed.

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  10. Not needed.


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