Nodes on Thar'ga won't activate

Some nodes on my Thar’ga won’t activate although they have been earned/paid for. Also, one of the capacitor slots is labelled as ‘off’ and I can’t turn it back on.

Have you pressed the “apply” button? 

16 hours ago, Chernoplot said:

Have you pressed the “apply” button? 

Press Apply, then it will work, provided that you have enough synergy and credits.

20 hours ago, Chernoplot said:

Have you pressed the “apply” button? 

Yes, I’ve hit the apply button, I’ve hit left click and right click, nothing is activating the nodes. The nodes are showing dull green as opposed to the bright green of the activated items. Same for the capacitor slot, it’s labelled as ‘off’ and no key commands will turn it on.

Can you make video and/or screenshot?

Logs needed also



Neither of the engine boost nodes will light up, same for the capacitor socket.

I don’t know how to do ‘logs’. Help please




Your tharga has 1290/1300 points, you need to deactivate some nodes to activate any new ones that const more than 10 points.

Thanks, my bad