No ranked rewards given for already reached ship ranks for old players only?!

I want this to be constructive as possible. I will write everything of importance below.

If you have anything to add to this, please, make a comment below.


New players get very hefty and generous rewards upon reaching each new rank with each of 3 factions. 3 x 15 ranks = 45 times rewards. I am not a new player, but the old one, which supported this game.

Just for reaching low level rank 4 or rank 5 in Jericho, you get a lot of certain Secret Project ship parts and even Neodium plates and I am not talking about low numbers here.

The further you go up on the ship tree, the bigger and more generous rewards you get! This would be all okay and right, if…


I only wish to ask two things here.


Doomb0t, please, as a courtesy to us, provide us with the complete list for all ranked progression rewards.

1-15 Empire, Federation and Jericho (Total 45 ranks) just for the reference.

I might need to start a new account, just to be able to collect all those rewards, which are far greater and better that any that we had in Special Events, when we had to do a lot of Santa missions.

Again, I just wish to know, how many resources would I get in total, without spending any GS, time in OS, just by reaching new ranks with all 3 factions to the end.



Some known rewards:


  • Doomsday Missiles

  • Various Ship Parts for Secret Projects

  • Monocrystals

  • Neodium Plates

  • GS rewards

  • Premium License days

  • possible other rewards, etc.



Also, the second most important question!


Why did we, the old veteran players, didn’t get such rewards as well? Why did we get ignored again?

A lot of people didn’t even know about this. Now they do. I am not writing for myself, but for them as well.

I supported this game, doing suggestions, writing bug reports, just to make game better in general.

I bought all Premium ships as well. I did this, as many others, before the new reward system was introduced for the new players only.


I want to know, what makes us less worthy, that we aren’t entitled to get the same rewards, just because we unlocked each rank before and not after the new players did?

They invested nothing, or very little so far and got rewarded just for playing the game with a free resources, which are otherwise available to be purchased only in the Store via Bundles for a “possible” drops.

Of course, another alternative is Open Space with a Spatial Scanner. Without it, you’re lost, even if you know the spots.


I am fine with that. Game is F2P anyway, but you need to take into account the whole playerbase, including the old one, which is of fundamental importance.

Supporters in the Open or Closed-Beta helped this game grow and evolve. Without them, without us, there would be no future for this game.


Do you want to tell me, that by supporting your game and helping it grow and fund it in some way, that we got punished because of it and that we don’t deserve this?

I wouldn’t even complain so much, if we would get the option to get them through the contracts. However, League contracts do not offer any neodium plates, despite very long cool-down time.

To summarize this, we just all want to be treated fairly, respectfully and equally.

Of course, there is a way to fix this. You can provide all such rewards through the mail-box system in-game.



I hope that we will get an official explanation, why such decision was made. Matters of economic importance in this case should be excluded. Requested chart should be provided, just for the reference.

I hope that the old players, which didn’t get such rewards, will get them. I am not expecting an apology, but a honest explanation.

There should be no preferential treatment for anyone or anybody. I hope that you will do the right thing in the end and distribute such rewards to the whole playerbase.






So… You are re-suggesting my suggestion?

Maybe with your link spam this one might get more attention.

Here is my suggestion before this: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/29492-cheats-scammers-aaaaa/)

So… You are re-suggesting my suggestion?

Maybe with your link spam this one might get more attention.

Here is my suggestion before this: [](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/29492-cheats-scammers-aaaaa/)

Please stick to one thread.