No Loyality Points since one week

The upgrade of modules, weapons stopped about one week ago. Every single game i got 0 Points…
I am only able to collect some Loyality Points from timed quests. This happens on every ship with every module, i tried a lot combinations, the result is the
same everytime.

If you want to answer me to reinstall the game, i have done this 3 times, before the last install i am not taking only your uninstall, i manually searched

my registry after keywords like Gaijin and StarConflict and removed everything. Downloaded and reinstalled on a very clean system, logged in again
aaand - same failure again. Some others i asked for said, at their system is everything fine.
How could this happen? I planned to use a part of my holidays by using a 7 days gold licence, but now it makes no sense to me.
It would be great if you can help me near in time.
I collected all requested files and send it with this post.

Thank you in advance


*user_config is delivered as an .xml file by system, for proper uploading i have to rename it to .log




Is the issue still present? Looks like something was tempopary wrong with a server connection

yes its still present

Thanks foryour reply

Additionally i started from different bases and choosed different servers… “Same procedure as every year James” ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”) - problems are still present. Now its “only” my ore some players more problem, what if this an urgent sign and tomorrow this happens to thousands of players? Please fix it!


Maybe as a quick and dirty solution can you transfer all my complete property to a brandnew -working- account, so that i can start my gold week?



Now the problem is still existing about 3 weeks…

Is this the help, one can get from you? If i couldnt level my modules, or only by some quests, it makes no longer sense to me to play this game. I am current playing every day, but this is wasted time. ONE reply in three weeks, sorry, there are a lot more games with a  w o r k i n g  support. Maybe you are loosing a faithful user like a lot of others last time. Now i am not wondering any longer about the pilots leaving this game. Please help me now, i dont want to leave. If you take a little bit of the time to present some new ships, new weapons, news worlds and so on (they dont work right anyway at the first output, how often i saw reworks and improvements shortest times after the launch), instead take a little more time for the satisfaction of your actual capital, the user! I am working in a marketing agency, this is, what i learned first.

Hoping this are not my last greetings

Just out of curiosity - is the module you are trying to research equipped on any of your ships?

We’re going to make a patch tomorrow. Please let us know if the problem remains after, cause it should be fixed

5 hours ago, CinnamonFake said:

We’re going to make a patch tomorrow. Please let us know if the problem remains after, cause it should be fixed

Let’s hope that this patch won’t break more things that it can fix.   ![:010j:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/010j.png “:010j:”)

niripas : No, its a random module, it happens with every module on every ship, from every base under all circumstances. I am only able to earn some loyality with the timed quests. But thats boring me.

Koromac : Your words in Gods or game developers ear ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

CinnamonFake : I will try and give a feedback here

YES !!! After the update in a first test battle its all working again, thanks to Cinnamon and the developers!

… and? Some updates all is going well, after todays update

| Error report |
| Describe problem and what you saw | AGAIN!!! no upgrade of modules in or after fights…
See the topic No Loyality points since one week, its all the same again |
| What you expected to see | Same as described |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | same as described |
| Problem details | same as described |
| Frequency of reproduction | always |
| Time of bug |   |


Hello! At this moment the currency known as Loalty vouchers was removed from the game. From now on you can upgrade modules with credits only