No game that gets a constant stream of new players trying it out from steam should have dropping player numbers

There are countless millions of steam users out there, and when they are checking for a nice new f2p game, then they will see, among others, Star Conflict.

Considering how many of them are out there, this should lead to a constant stream of new players who like this game and bring even more players into it by telling their friends about it both IRL and on steam.


Seeing how new this game is, there should be no way at all how player numbers are dropping.

Yet, when new players get into the game and ask if its good they get to hear how it used to be great but now its all messed up. And when they leave again, they may even tell others not to bother trying this game out.


So the clock is ticking and devs need to get their stuff together.

Steam almost guarantees huge success as long as the game is good enough to make players love it - and we all know this game used to be good enough for that. I would not even bother posting and trying (mostly in vain) to get the devs attention if I did not believe in this game.


So devs please tell me,  what on earth is keeping you from reversing the changes which the community disliked so much ? Are you actively trying NOT to have success ?

Or is it false pride keeping you back ? Pride that does not allow you to acknowledge you made a change in the wrong direction and pride that does not allow you to correct that mistake ?


This game has huge potential - now take a look at your wallet, imagine how filthy rich this game could make you if you had a 100 times the current player base and swallow down that false pride and bring the game back on track.


Thank you.

i second that, the game should be gaining players, not dropping


i personally think u guys have done a great job with this game, i just hope that those current issues espically matchmaking should be fixed ASAP…

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no, there isn’t enough threads about it, everyone should make one every day

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