NO DATA items - Destroyer Activators

Bug report:


Empire and Jericho destroyer activators do not have a proper icon.

Please, replace a missing icon for both destroyer activators.


Also important:

I recommend, that you add Empire insignia on Empire Computing Systems item and Jericho insignia to Jericho Computing Systems to make components easily recognizable.


Screenshots: (Check the 2nd slot, NO DATA instead of an icon for Activators. Applies to both Destroyer Computing Systems.)

Also important: (Add a proper insignia for each faction, so that you don’t accidentally craft a wrong one.)


Missing destroyer activator icons:


P.S.: Also add the Federation activator item and icon. It’s currently missing!

but the fed does not need activator or does it now ?

If you click on the no data icon there is the old icons.
I guess there will be some change on it, like new mono made from old mono now.