Nightingale hideously overpriced

I was just looking at the prices for some other ships and noticed that the Nightingale is extremely overpriced for a simple rank 8 Recon interceptor. Sure it has unique stuff but you still have to work even harder for it too.

Seeing as the Archelon costs 200 ship parts, the Nightingale should cost 250 max. Maybe 225 because of the rank increments. Each “crafable” special ship should be priced in a standardised fashion, such as price=((Rank*25)+25) like the Archelon. 

Most rank 8 and above premium ships build with parts are overpriced compared to Archelon. Reaper and Phoenix from rank 8 cost 450 ship parts each.

This is not overpricing. The Nightingale is 400 and the module is 60 I believe, just like the Reaper and the Phoenix.

That a premium ship tho ^^’

37 minutes ago, Shotan said:

This is definitely overpricing. The Nightingale is overpriced and the module is grindy too, just like the Reaper and the Phoenix.

“These other things are overpriced too, sonny comparison it’s okay.”

Do you see how awful that logic is?