Next step?


For a large fraction of the game, I have played T3 PvP, religiously. Only recently have I begun discovering the joys of playing a Rank 12 ship comfortably and with a lot of joy I’ve had quite a bit of success, I’d like to think. But I am finding myself at a point where I am stuck.

My motivation is still alive. But for the most part, I find myself playing Covert Ops roles and finding the game is presenting less of a challenge in terms of pilot ability, but more on what I upgrade next. I am constantly asking myself what I need to do next and how to achieve what it is I need to do to advance, even to the point where I don’t even think there is much else I can do, even though I know I still have a way to go. I’m working through my Rank 12-14 modules and weapons and trying to get them to a stage where I no longer have to use the R9 or R10 equipment, but I am still asking myself if it’s worth it that I do. It’s not my of a difference, after all.

I have all of the best Covert Ops modules in the game and can fully purple both my Nodachi A and my Eagle. I can purple all of my Engineers and my Guards, but I am aware that my Tacklers, Long Rangers and ECM’s still need work. Despite loving playing them, my Gunship modules are weak and my engine passives are also weak, but my fighter and interceptor arnaments are strong.

So where do I begin? What would your recommendation be, how do I go about the next step of upgrading my 12-14 modules and what do I upgrade first? I’m not savig for any more ships, I’m not trying to gain extra money because I know I don’t need it right now. It’s the vouchers more than anything.

Sorry if I’m repeating myself. I’m posting on my phone and I can’t review what I’m reading.


I don’t get it, what is he asking?

He’s asking what modules he’d suggest upgrading first (I think).


Personally, I recommend this order for maxing modules and on which ships.


First, you should prioritize which ships you play most and which ships you enjoy most, and start there. Based on that, you can prioritize module order.



This is what I typically upgrade on each ship that you aren’t sure of:


-Gunships: Weapons, damage related actives and passives, survivability passives and multi-purpose mods, mobility passives


-Tacklers (max slowing): Slowing actives, weapons, survivability passives and multi-purpose mods, mobility passives


-Tacklers (max alpha-damage): weapons, damage related actives and passives, slowing actives, mobility passives, survivability passives


-ECMs: Disabling actives, survivability passives and multi-purpose mods, mobility passives, weapons


-LRFs (for sniping): Sniping/utility actives (including RT), weapons, survivability passives and multi-purpose mods, mobility passives (not RT)


-LRFs (for main-gun use): Weapons, damage related passives, survivability passives and multi-purpose mods, mobility passives


I qualify mobility passives as engine slots (submatter shield, lightweight hull, and power unit conduit also fall into this category)

Survivability passives: shield slots, hull slots (EB, capacitor power relay, proton wall also fall into this category)

Damage passives: cpu slots, some cap slots (iridium heatsink, pulse discharger, along with shared cooler)

Get to T5 and upgrade to mk4-5 the ship you mostly use (and enjoy playing most as dirk says). Rank 13 top is still pretty good (take into account that now its 5% and before it was 15% → three times higher. By far the best implant ever), gives a decent boost to modules cooldown as long as you kill/dmg assist, which also count for every bot in PVE (this implant is particularly effective at PVE, providing the use of heals and active modules much more often; this is superb in maps with high amount of bots that spawn in clusters when you use coils/torpedos. R14 implants are a “last resource” defense countermeasure that can save your life, and R15 implant grants a slight bonus to R15 ships. All of this along with better effects for modules makes T5 ships the best ones for leagues, spec ops, PVE and open space (they are the best for PVP too, but you are queued with near rank ships).