Newspapers of the corporation "Chaotic Legion" CH4OS.

Just Stories.


We sat at one of the few tables that are still free at the end of the room. The place is crowded with people who come from different worlds and cultures, a babel of languages ends up imposing on the ambient noise. In the air the different fumes are intermixed forming a capricious mosaic of colors. This is a place of “Librefranco” as such sells and allows to consume all kinds of substances, exciting or relaxing, drinks, food, sniffed, injected, epidermal or neuronal induction, of natural origin, designed in laboratories or induced by the last generations Of dream machines.
The curtain opens, the balloons of light of the stage illuminate a small band with soloist interpretation, are musicians of draconian origin and enigmatic look.
The band starts with chords that attract the attention of the audience, we hear the beginning of the old ballad of “Abelardo and Eloisa”. The soloist has a warm, deep, suggestive voice, at that moment the story that tells the ballad becomes real in our minds, as if we were there present at the time of events, our senses are flooded with multiple external stimuli, the Rain and wind, Eloisa’s torn laments, the inert body of abelard, the distant mountains of silver, we smell the wet earth, we experience the emotions of an impossible and tragic love.
The draconian singer possesses the gift of her old and illustrious extirpation, a gift that was lost in time until being a rarity. She possesses the ability to transmit with her voice to all listeners images, sensations, emotions and experiences as if they were real.
The ballad ends and the magic voice is muted, silence seizes the room while the shocked and incredulous public applauds without stopping the performance of the band that greets and withdraws from the stage.
We drink the glasses in a gulp and look at our eyes, the practical sense of lalosky brings us back to reality when we ask what strategy we will continue to rescue from the prison of this small mining colony to the Gulf of “Randomhate” that tried to steal A pure neodym charge in the very noses of the security service. Ntboble and Alturronst, blood brothers, look at me thinking that I “Bardo” the storyteller, I have the answer, but it is not so, it will be “Soartex” the strategist, who will show us the way to go, of course, the Five are from different galaxies planets united to belong to the Independent Corporation of pilots “Chaotic legion” [CH4OS] and in our corporation we never leave behind a companero, although this one is "Randomhate the pilot more golfo and vividor of the corporation. We are brothers of the stars and we fight for our people.
But this is another story that will be told at another time.
                                              - To be continued-?-