News discussion

We want to know the opinion of our forum users regarding the convenience of the news discussion.

As long as both posts are linked together well, I don’t mind having two posts.  It makes the news clearer on the news page, and discussion stays for discussions.  Logical

Personally i don’t see a reason to post same thing twice, as long as I have an option to leave a comment on main subject.

I agree with xKostyan, I can’t think of any major website I visit that doesn’t have news/information and the comments on the same page. If you don’t want to read the comments, don’t read the comments. For everyone else, it makes the discussion more visible, and will allow more people to easily participate without having to open multiple tabs to get the full info and comment on it.

I really don’t see the point of having the 2 threads, 1 will suffice with all comments below it.


EDIT: lol, just noticed the date of OP. Sorry for necro.