Newish player looking for a corp to learn more from and be competitive

Ive played this game for a little bit before leaving and taking a break. I’ve come back now and im looking to be shown the ropes. I have 2 tier 4 and 3 tier 3 so far. I play mostly everyday and looking to get serious with the game. would prefer a group with either teamspeak or discord. Looking for a more mature group as well. 18+ usually suits my language and humor more. Oh and im also a U.S player so would prefer a group thats around during the evenings. Thanks.

A screenshot of your ingame profile posted here would do good for corporations to determine your strengths and weaknesses and how you can start getting serious with whom.

Where would i screen shot my profile for corps to see what im good and bad at? I enjoy PVE games as of late and have been doing rather well in them.

In case you left before the hangar UI changes, the profile can now be found in the bottom right (to the left of the corporation button). Simply hit F12 if you’re on steam or F10 for standard screenshot… or print screen if you feel like something different.




Frankly, there are many other worthful corps 

Ill add it then when i come home tonight. Thanks. And i’ve been gone from it for a good year at least.

1zc34vb.jpg Here are my stats

Judging from your stats, I suggest joining Ultra, Vking, or LAMPA since you are fairly new to the game. They can show you the ropes quite well (I used to be in Ultra a long time ago and those guys are a fine bunch) and can get you started.


The main thing you need is experience in this game - and experience comes from hundreds of pvp battles in the higher tiers. If you have that on your side, you can apply to the other corporations.


Once you have 700+ pvp and 1.1+ win/loss, you are welcome to apply to NASA and we will consider you!


And thanks doom for the shameless self-promotion :smiley:

How am i supposed to join them when none of them have come asking? Do they just randomly accept anyone?

You have to apply to their corp. Go to your bottom right corner, click the winged skull, and search those tags I gave you. Then click on their recruitment window AFTER YOU HAVE READ THEIR BLURB and if you qualify, apply.

Thats not that easy to join Vikings. And please, Mecronmancer, don’t use Vikings in the same sentence as Lampa…


Yes! We do accept (some) new players but we have requirements and that starts with your attitude. We like the mead and fly spaceships. Our corp is 18+, so expect nude shieldmaidens walking around. Any more information look for us in game. A Drengr or Jarl will give u some hints and explain how things work on Vikings in case you want to join.  

Well excuuuuuuse me for trying to point a newbie in a helpful direction there, Viking.


Polaris Inc [Polar] has pilots with stats similar to yours and we’ll be more than happy to welcome you. We have players from all over with a USA majority, active from 4pm Eastern onwards. Message one of my VP’s or officers if you are interested or drop us an application!


If you are still interested, I’ll help you get into NASA as well if that’s where your destination should be.

He needs more experience before he can apply to NASA.

Of course. More established corporations demand more established pilots!



Yeah sorry man, need 3k battles before you can join RadiX and decent k/d and w/l. But keep working, eventually you’ll be there. Just don’t tier rush, don’t suicide, focus on objectives. 

Found my corp. Thanks all.

OP has found a Corp. Thread locked.