Newer player looking for emp corp.

Just started about a week or two ago and looking to get in with a group to teach me some in’s and out’s. I have a mic and TS3. I average 3.17 kills per game. Ive been playing Recon and Gunship and prefer those. I also have a jerico guard that i dabble with. If anyone is interested feel free to send me a message here or in PM. thanks

Hello iceraptor,


For starter, Lampshadius Academy is a good place to start. Also, telling us the region you live will be useful as SC as corporation from all around the world.

Oh, silly me. I am in the U.S.A central time zone. Thanks for that. What is this lapshadius about?

no i do not recommend lampshadic academy. try applying to LIMBO. Message Xspot.


Lampshadic academy will keep u a Ace tbh.


they do pve and are bad at pvp.

Ok, whats limbo about? Are they the same clan from WoT?

probably not. but message Xspot about it. 

Alright. Is his name spelled just the way you are spelling it?

Alright. Is his name spelled just the way you are spelling it?


Bump, still looking

No one?

There is corporation recruitment interface within a game client, there you can find a list of corporations that are openly recruit

You can always look at other corps. There are lost of them. Finn is always looking for players. Just check out our website for more info. Its hosted on Enjin so you will have to sign up there.