Newbie - incoming!

Hi Ladies and Gents


Finally downloading the client now and will take a look at it a bit later.


Have been playing, and skinning for World of Tanks, but have always enjoyed space type games from way back in my ‘Elite’ days. Would be nice if I can continue the skinning business with this game, so will check the package files (or whatever) once installed.


Just a quickie to introduce myself and I hope to see you in-game perhaps


Have fun




Edit: just so that you can see what I have done before I shall include the link to my previous work below. I am in no way trying to advertise the other game, just show what I have done! If this upsets the forum moderators in any way, then I will remove with no problems what so ever!

welcome to star conflict - i hope you enjoy your flight, please fasten your seat belts we are about to take off


custom skin are not implemented yet but might will be - never give up hope this game is still in open beta :smiley:

I just started a few days ago as well! So far tons of fun!

Planning to join, the game looks so much fun. See you guys in-game.   :)wt

Haven’t tried this one yet. I’m planning to start soon. I guess, I’ll see all of you ingame.  :lol:

sweet. more Aces for the meat grinder match maker.



Cupid stunt…nice play on words there.

no, the forum replaces the word for newcomers by Aces.