Newb question about kits.

Hey all, 


Sorry for putting up such a newbie question, but Ive got several kits in my warehouse. Im trying to find out how I can install these on my ship. For example Ive got a Purple in color (epic quality?) Kit for Assault Railgun I, and I want to know how I can install this, or use it. Ive attached a pic to show kind of what Im talking about. Thanks in advance for the help!




To use Purple Kits, you need Blue (Mk3) items of the same item.


The whole structure goes like this:


  • Mk1 items for Credits (grey)

  • Mk2 items for Credits OR Green Upgrade Kits (green)

  • Mk3 items for Loyalty Vouchers OR Gold Standards (blue)

  • Mk4 items for Artifacts OR Purple Upgrade Kits (purple)


To get to Mk4, you need everything in between, so you need to get Mk1 and upgrade it constantly until you reach Mk4.

Ok yea that makes sense. Thanks for the quick response.