Newb Looking for Corp



I just started playing Star Conflict about a week ago.  So far I’ve dabbled in various ship categories, and have a Guard just in T2.



I am East Coast USA, but I have an early-shifted schedule, so I normally play 3-7pm EST (8-12pm GMT).  As such, I’m happy in either US or Euro corps.


My goals?  I don’t really have any.  I enjoy PvE and PvP so far, and the Invasion stuff really interests me.  As for ships I particularly enjoy Guard and Command ships… I like supporting other players (without being an Engineer, though if they are in high demand I’m happy to suck it up and level one).  


Mainly I’m just looking for people to play with, maybe some tips, tricks, and general info of the game.  Finding others and working together to achieve common goals would really help make this game more enjoyable than just spamming “random match” solo over and over again.  


Thanks for any replies!



If you are willing to use TeamSpeak, you are welcome to join GoD!  Here is our recruitment thread so you can read a bit more about us:


[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23603-gates-of-darkness-igodi/)


You can apply there, using the in-game application process, or simply send me a message :slight_smile: