New Year Marathon not registering completion

“New Year Marathon (complete all missions)” is not registering the completion of “New Year Marathon. Day 1” for players that completed the “New year Marathon. Day 1” challenge before "New Year Marathon (complete all missions) mission was released. Despite having completed “New year Marathon. Day 1” I and several others that I know still show as having 0/7 complete in the 7 day event mission.


I would add program files, however, this issue is not on my side. It is on the server side.



I have the same problem




Lol I didn’t even get that “complete all missions” mission, so I know it didn’t register mine

Looks like it’s bugged for me as well.













I have the same issue

The issue is known and should be fixed soon.

I have the same issue until today…  the problem has been solved ?

I received the gifts from 3 days for sure and have only 2/7 - it should be 3/7 and the same is on two accounts of my children. We have 2/7. I play on Linux my children on Windows.

We took these tasks early at the morning (~7:00-8:00 CEST) - maybe this is the case. When we passed the first one, I remember that the status was incorrect like 1/6 or 1/5, but not 1/7.

Who can help to correct that on our accounts?

My Steam account is: borizm.

On my child accounts: farfolec the progress is 2/7, but should be 4/7. I’m sure that it was already 2/7, but was reverted to 1/7. Similar situation is on another account: bassetdoll.

Could you correct it somehow?

If the issue persists please contact support to help sort it out.

we’re pretty much at the last day of the marathon and it hasn’t been fixed yet so uhhh…



Yeah it still says I’m a day behind

I sent yesterday ticket to support about it but until now it is nothing happened  ![:sad:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.gif “:sad:”) ![:huh:](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/huh.gif “:huh:”)

I just finnished the last mission, completed 7/7, but the panel shows 6/7

I didn’t received the final reward

“After completing all tasks, you will receive a special reward - the unique title “Snowman” + 7 days of premium license!”


ticked sent 2 days ago.




It’s a known issue and will be fixed after and of marathon period.

All rewards will be given.

I have same



I have received my reward in the system mail this morning. Thank you.