New Year Haiku Contest (Works)

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Another winter,

the snow falls on my gunship,

Aliens will suffer.




Christmas will be full of lights

when my ship pass

through the enemy line


Christmas approaches,
Destroyers are coming soon…
To destroy people.
- OmegaFighter

The interceptor flies quickly

it turns around and hits me

than it explodes.


Praise the Emperor!
Another year of good health,
may my aim stay true.


No No No No No!




No No No No No!



Coming Christmas time
Should be kind and good to all
So kill them fast now


  • Uineth


PS I hope its 5-7-5

"I see festive mercs

Pass through my crosshairs quickly

Too bad they all died"


(5-7-5 format)



"Another interceptor

Was caught in Anomaly Generator

Ho Ho Ho"



Hear the engines roar…
Lasers screech, and missiles soar…

Symphonies of war


-OutlawStar003 (Aka: ZombieHunter003 of War Thunder)

Christmas and New Years

A time for celebration

Starting the snow fall


My ship floats in space

quiet, peaceful, beautiful space,

silent on Christmas.


                       - Rangertre

Heaven hath given-

Us a pure sea of white snow

Our world is equal.

Strap in… Gear up… Launch!

Will you be naughty or nice?

It’s Conflict Season!




cannon fall silent

wrecks brushed off like snow

Still as ice waiting

Why does “snow” exist

in space? It is the salt from

the tears of our foes 




I declined Vking,

Wolfpack, Beast, Lux… At Christmas

I join a new corp!


  • chippisc

The Peregrine glides

Swiftly darting all about

Through the Silent Night