New ways to get new stuff

So I’m pretty sure that at this point we can all agree to some extent that the current method of obtaining all the new stuff in the game is less than pleasant. We could use some new ways to get unique items and things.


First of all, the old original equipment needs to be re-added to the credit store. There’s no reason to suddenly restrict everything that once was for credits to open space. Players can’t find half the stuff and new players can’t reach most of the sectors.


The new equipment should all stay just where it is, in open space. However, for players to get it, instead of endlessly grinding enemies, they should find the “locator” for the item in loot in PvP/PvE while piloting the ship that it goes on. By this I mean that to obtain a unique item, players must actually own and fly the ship that it is for. After playing with the ship in PvP/PvE, there should be a moderately high chance that a module or wepaon “locator” will be dropped in loot after battle. The Locator will be a token that activates a mission for open space. It will allow the player who holds it to instantly jump to the sector where the item is, regardless of their rank, rank, or rank. Once the mission is complete, the item will be given to the pilot. That way all players have an equal edge on getting equipment while players who are more effective are still rewarded for their effort. And since the locators will only drop for the ship used, it will cut down on the grind considerably. At the same time, normal drops in open space could be added to enemies again. Like credits, vouchers, Iridium, and other useful items.

Credit items and small voucher items should be automatically credited to player’s accounts instead of needing to be sent to dock. Nobody likes credit trash loot taking up cargo spaces.


This system should also be used for Easter eggs and unique ships and parts etc. Except for them, the chance to find the locator in loot is much lower and it won’t matter what ship you use.

Like when event ships and joke ships and “toys” or unique items are added, it will be a pleasant surprise to the player when a locator item drops for it and they get to go on a little adventure to go find it.

It would also spice up all modes while benefiting everyome equally. You could also add an “auto-complete” option for the missions so the players can pay GS to skip the mission if they want the item now or it is too hard. That way you devs also get a revenue boost while giving the players what they want.


Please for the sake of the players and your game at least consider this change. It would be more than accepted.

I like those ideas, mostly for newbies, theses must be added for a more friendly user approach

It won’t happen. It also raises other issues.

4 hours ago, Koromac said:

It won’t happen.


4 hours ago, Koromac said:

It also raises other issues.