New update

Is it just me who actually doesn’t want to see a new race / ships IG?


I might be too pesimistic and all, but I can see just another marketing move to make people spend more money on their game.
I heard some things that there might be new ships that will be buyable for gs immediately after the release (aka brokk/arch/stingr) but I’m pretty sure they won’t be obtainable with gs anymore on the new year sale.
So at this point - pay full price or grind the shieet out of yourself (now you might say, hey, thats why you have so many credits and iridium stored, but guess what, I wasn’t a member of wpk or nasa during iridium rush and so I got nothing. And even then, I might have been stupid enough to buy the goddamn iridium container or “lucky” (more like “fak you!”) container and waste your credits and iridium. Its not a coincidence that devs removed iridium from OS and made it super rare. (The contaners were implemented sneakilly and right when needed. So if you thought - hey, great, lets get some ship parts, this looks like a good deal, I’ll farm it all back in a week anyway, guess what, na ah ah!)



You’re writing this based upon rumors, how about you just wait?

1 hour ago, QACinnamonTroll said:

“I might be too pesimistic and all”


I jsut fear that, okay?! I have seen star conflict doing d1ck moves before.


you see, if that turns out to be true, and that there is going to be such a thing such as payment availiable for 1st day or so, and if there won’t be another chance anymore, than I’m willing to pay, but ifit turns out to be long enough to reach the new years sale and I realise I wasted whole loads of money I actually worked hard to get (I’m living in the worse-salary corner of my country) and that I could afford that easier, then I’d be really pissed off. I jsut want to prevent that, ok?

I can ensure you that this time it won’t be running away from you.

I hope: OS get a revamp, improvement and additional content and some shiny stuff.
I hope: New PvE missions and additional goals/different mission-settings.
I hope: New faction will bring different ships.
I hope: New PvP modes(not just such trash-modifier thing like survival).
I hope: A new Spec Ops.
To the grind: The ‘luck’ grind(buying container to get the ‘resources’ even with guaranteed x buy option) is something really annoying and I wouldn’t want that.
Can’t wait to see a super mega happy fox flying his hunter. :smiley:

1.4.0 will be like 1.B.4.