New thumbnail for my videos (want your opinion)

Hey mercenaries!


So I made a new template for my thumbnails, it’s a mix between 2 channels in YouTube that are for MMO games (I mean the channels are dedicated for their own games by their own companies)


Just tell me what do you think of it!


It’s night now, so I gra go sleep. 


NOTE!: One with more glow is new [top] (just updated today) one with less glow is old [bottom] (made yesterday)

I kinda like the darker one better but the light one -pops-.

and this is my 2,500th post!!!

I like the top one

Use the light one it’s a thumbnail so it has to “stand out” :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your opinions! And gratz Fox on your 2500th post! NO HUNTER YET!


Lel, anyways I’ll stick with the top one/more lighted one, it just looks gorgeous. :smiley:

1+ to top

1+ to top

So much fiiiire! :stuck_out_tongue: