New Taxes Programming Error

so, I logged in to see a new tax implementation:
no tax under 500
10% under X
20% under Y
30% under 10,000
and 50% over 10,000
except, the person who IMPLEMENTED the new taxes didn’t set brackets, so litterally EVERYTHING UNDER 10,000 is taxed, from 10 GS, to 1000 GS, by 30%
(because everything under 500 is ALSO under 10,000 same for the X and Y tax sections)
you should probably fix that before someone calls you out on repaying losses due to faulty programming, as it’s quite broken :slight_smile:

remember, Devs, taxation without representation resulted in the death of a great many british soldiers :slight_smile: we Americans take our taxes seriously :P 

It’s a translation issue, it likely means that anything under 10000 but above 4000 will be a 30% tax, anything under 4000 but over 2000 will be 20%, and so on.

Basically, the more flow you generate, the more tax you pay in the sense how thunderflame explained it.