New Tai'Kin wallpapers and artworks!


Pilots! We prepared special wallpapers for the fans of Ellydium technologies and their newest development, the ship Tai’Kin. Innovative interceptor is already here to decorate your desktop!

And don’t forget about other awesome Wallpapers and updated Artworks!


Star Conflict Team

Innovative? Twer’kin is unkillable. I tried in an ECM/recon with just guns and no missiles, and it regens faster than you can damage it, then just escapes. The same applied to Thug’Ra.

Btw, Ellydium (you have a typo there, sehr).

Ship is totally broken.

About desktop backgrounds:

In any case, you should know that PNG image quality is the best, not JPEG. Why would I want to have such desktop image, when it loses some of the quality it had?


Looks like a green insect.