New Tackler Mode:Stealth Sniper

Hello guys and ladies,this is my first post in this forum…I wanna share my researching of new branded combat modes for ships.


The latest i developed is a curious kind of Fighter Tackler:the Stealth Sniper.Take note is more effective with



Gauss Cannon       thump_9466025nueva-imagen-de-mapa.jpg


and the new


Flux Phaser         thump_9466017nueva-imagen-de-mapa.jpg (this one is more effective against frigate “snipers”,like the Ira Deus or Cerberus)


But how can a Tackler be a Sniper?


Easy,just raise the range of fire  using the module



" Horizon"             thump_9466036nueva-imagen-de-mapa.jpg



This one is more effective with the Katana Ae and Hyena because they have 2 CPU slots.

Another thing to secure the efectivity of this ship is in the crew options:raising the effective fire range of main weapon and missiles to max,increasing the speed of projectiles and securing the survival of the ship.

Adding to this last matter,in combat you will be targeted once you flanked the enemy…the attacks ALWAYS must be in long distance,focusing the enemies with low EM resistances.If u are hurt,get some repair kits of shield and hull,a target marker to reduce resistances(just used if u are in range,but is more useful to kill interceptors faster),and a missile flare to avoid the guided missile attacks.


The stats of both weapons in the final stage are like this:





(Sorry for the Spanish Language)



The result is a “compact sniper ship”,which ability is to kill from distance and trigger the invisibility when the enemy is alerted about your presence,but maybe too late for them.




I’m open for any comment you wanna make of this,enjoy!

I highly doubt you could kill anyone with a Gauss built like that. The damage and crit values are so low that it would barely tickle.


Flux Phaser is another story, it’s alpha damage is ridiculous even at very long distances, so that would work without problems. 

Tacklers were always like this, but I dont recommend installing Horizons with Gauss, because you are lowering the alpha strike and taking the slot for TTC. For Flux, it doesnt really matter because base critical chance and fire rate is small. 

Try gauss with R2 empire implant and shaped charge shells, CPU slots filled with TTCs. Shoot only at full charge. You will get similiar, evenly highier alpha strike per hit than flux.

Thanks for your suggestions,i will take notes of that…

Flux does not suffer of effective->max range dmg falloff, since it is an explosive weapon.

7%/50% haha XD

7%/50% haha XD


that was my reaction…


But for real though, a gauss cannon with that much range and that little damage and crit chance won’t be effective.

If this was used on me.

“What the heck? Stop touching me. I don’t like it.”

Yes shoot my fed engi with that all day I can recharge that dps >:)

You may be able to annoy snipers like you say with those weapons but remember the sniper also can snipe you, and you may get spotted by another enemy by the time you do enough damage.

For tackler I would say a range of 4000m to 5000 is about the longest you should aim for, and increase the damage instead.

The build may be effective against shielded ceptors and frigate snipers (this ones need to stay quiet,if they wanna use the skills),and the tackler can dodge those attacks…in close-combat could use a thermal drone.