New Starters Overpriced

The two new starter ships are far too expensive for what you get. In USD they should be around 2.50-4.50$ tops.

Here’s also the other thing; they’re both redundant by default. There is no reason for them to exist, there is no reason to purchase them - they just serve as a newbie trap.

It’d be understandable for them to exist if they were  new collectable ships  like the old  Palom  since the original Palom served as an introduction of sorts to the collectible premium system - but $7.50 for one of the two or $15 AUD for both for a  rank 3 ship with no legitimate reason to exist  is just a trap.


Like why would I use  Dainsleif  when I could  just use a Ghost? Sure Ghost is Rank 5 but who even cares at this point? There is no Rank 1-3 limited tournaments or content - you’re only limiting yourself by picking a Rank 3.