New ships


Pilots now have access to ships of ranks 16 and 17. Starting today, all pilots will have the opportunity to collect the first of the ships, Wolfhound and Granite of rank 16.

By completing game assignments, you can get resources to build ships Wolfhound and Granite.


Federation gunship ‘Wolfhound’

Rank 16



Wolfhound is a balanced vessel that has excellent characteristics. It quickly gained popularity. These ships often take part in daring attacks on the New Eden and other objects. It is rumored that Helion Inc. is behind the attacks — a notorious private military company that hails from the Federation. However, no evidence of this has yet been found.


Special module ‘Archangel’

Releases several missile salvos in a short time. Simultaneously increases the rate of fire and energy regeneration, maximum speed, strafe speed and rotation.


‘Ignis’ blaster

Projectiles can set fire to enemies. Enemies near the fire also take damage.


Active module ‘Vulnerability Analyzer’

When activated, increases main weapon rate of fire and damage dealt to ships with a damaged hull.


Hull modifier ‘Wounded Beast Protocol’

When hull strength falls below a certain level, speed, maneuverability, energy recovery and rate of fire increase.


Imperial command fighter ‘Granite’

Rank 16



Granite received its name in honour of the granite stones of memory, in which the names of those who gave their lives for the Emperor are engraved. Like those stones, these ships bear the memory of the fallen. At the beginning of their journey, they were simple and unpretentious support machines. But every fight and every death made their own adjustments to their design. Engineers of Martian Laboratories created new designs, based on pilot reports and their combat experience.


Special module ‘Diffusion Shield’

Surrounds the ship with a shield

The ship is covered by an impenetrable shield. The shield absorbs all damage, but consumes 1 energy per every damage point. If the energy ends, the shield disappears.


Weapon ‘Energy discharger’

Each shot costs energy. When a target is hit, the activated special module’s effect is extended for each accurate shot


Active module ‘Anti-Sabotage 2.1’

Any effect aimed at disrupting control of the ship and imposed during the period of the module’s operation is blocked. But the remaining module active time is reduced.


CPU modifier ‘Satisfaction algorithm’

If a friendly or a hostile ship dies nearby, allies’ rate of fire temporarily increases.


The following ships will be available in the near future! Stay tuned!

Federation covert ops interceptor ‘Spike’

Rank 17


When the Republic of Separate Worlds appeared on the star map, few believed that these rebels could achieve even a grain of greatness of the old Empire. The RSW has many bright minds. Thanks to the financial protection of several investment funds, they managed not only to restore most of the old projects, but also to start several new ones. Their first brainchild was the Spike interceptor.


Jericho ECM ship ‘Zhen’

Rank 17



A terrible tragedy befell the Great Jericho Family Liu in the early years of the Invasion. But after the disappearance of the greater part of Jericho, something clicked in the depths of the cursed ark. The ancient automatics came to life again, and soon new ships appeared. Zhen is the first of them. A masterpiece of an ancient craftsman who perished in the tragedy.


Jericho tackler ‘Singularity’

Rank 16


Any mercenary has heard of the mysterious cast of Technologists as part of Jericho. Many even worked for them, but no one actually faced the Technologists. Now the former stations of the Technologists are controlled by a network of many integrated AI systems, which call themselves Sentinels. Emissaries and diplomats of the Sentinels are autonomous AIs, enclosed in the hull of a powerful combat machine — the Singularity fighter. Possessing free will, these ships sometimes sign contracts with pilots and come to their service.


Imperial long-range frigate ‘Project 101’

Rank 17


One of the worst military failures in the history of the Empire is rightly considered to be the third war for the Bartle sector. It was then that the scientific elite of the Wardens, loyal guardians of the Emperor, had the idea of using the enemy’s own weapons against them. They created the 101 series ships with limited AI. And now, hundreds of years later they returned. Battered in unknown fights, changed beyond recognition, bearing age-old wisdom and secrets of space.