New scenarios?


What do you think to have new combat scenarios in game? For example escort,fighting for station ( same like in pve mission) ???

The answers to your question depends entirely on what question you’re actually asking.


Are you asking for more PvE missions? For a different game mode altogether?

Well more PvE missions would be awesome cause for people who play PvE a lot it gets repetitive sometimes… Just a suggestion. great game!! Is there a possibility for more PvE maps or missions in the future?


of course we will add more PvP and PvE missions in the future.






I like to suggest some “easy to implement” scenario:



  1. Dreadnought-Fight PvP

Round 1 Start

2 Dreadnought facing each other, maneuvering within an expanse of ruins

in space.

The ship from the PvE mission could be used as the aim is to destroy the
enemy ship or respectively its launcher.

Like in the PvE mission Dreadnought Sagotage wave 3.

Round 2 Fight

Players have to destroy the enemy dreaghtnout or launcher.

The launcher and the archie are not allowed to be as strong as in PvE
but still working.

On a later stage one may allow player to control the launchers.

  1. Rescue Him PvE

This is a PvE mission on which you have to rescue a lost pilot who has
important information/technology with him.

He was being lost in a big battle but survived.

Round 1

Find him

The players have to discover a lost pilot ship and this could be done on
a larger battle field (maybe an old ruin field) on which the player have
to activate the beacon which will provide his ship with enough energy to
start and re-enable his engine.

This should start with multiple beacons on which only one is the real
one but player will not see which it is.

Or player have to activate all beacons.

After starting to activate any beacon a new spawn will show up.

Round 2

Release him from battle field

In order to active his warp gate he has to reach another waypoint

But as the spawns were beaten they left a field of sensor mines around
the beacon.

So you have to ensure the pilot will arrive the beacon alive by shooting
the beacons or “catch” them by their own.

I suggest to have no or rare spawns on this round.

Round 3

The escape

As the pilot reached the waypoint and was able to flee using his warp
gate new spawns appear.

The players have to beat this spawn in order to finish their objective



And please review the looting system as it is a pure waste of mouseklicks.




could I get a reply to my post pls?

I suggest posting any suggestions you might have in their own topic - this it the best way to get them noticed.

could I get a reply to my post pls?

We will see more PvE missions in the future, but I cannot tell how they will look like.