New Rare Aerography Text Mixup

1. The names of two rare stickers, the ‘Doberman’ and the ‘Dog and missiles drawing’, are placed incorrectly.  

2. I expected this to not happen.

  1. Quite normal. The conditions were perfect for chilling in the hangar while watching the snow fall and looking at some paints and stickers, but then this disturbingly awful bug happened.:slight_smile:

4. That cute doggy playing with the missiles is definitely not a doberman.

5. Non-stop.

6. All the logs were chopped and burnt to make my home warm a cozy. I shot some screenies tho…

7.All the time… I can’t live like this anymore. 

8. I asked my computer but it is giving me silent treatment.





ahahaha : )  yes, i think it’s a fox-terrier, but still not sure : ))

we already know