New rank 14 Destroyers' Modules

Mercenaries! UMC prepared a special overview for the new modules of rank 14 destroyers. The modules are specifically designed for ships of this class and have unique mechanics. In this blog curious pilots can find their descriptions and detailed images.
  • Active module ‘Destabilizing field’ 
    Active destroyer module. W Upon hitting an enemy inflicts damage until the ship slows down. The target and nearby ships take damage and have their engine control systems destabilized. While the target flies faster than 20% of max. speed, it receives 1717 DPS.
  • Active module ‘Repelling beam’ 
    Suppressor class destroyer active module. Produces a special beam of nanoparticles, which pushes enemies away in its direction The closer the target, the stronger the effect. The target’s hull loses 5% of the maximum value per second.
  • Active module: ‘Hybrid missile’ 
    Launches a missile with a hybrid warhead. After the detonation, a drone activates at the detonation point and deals damage to enemies in range.
  • Active module ‘Isotope Harvester’ 
    Unique module available only for Tyrant ship. A special drone generates a field with 500 m. radius. The drone begins to approach the destroyer at a given rate, dealing damage to all enemies who get in the field. The damage is greater against the enemies closer to the drone. Upon arrival to the ship the drone recovers shields proportionally to the damage caused.
  • ‘Thermoactive weapon’ 
    Unique weapon available only to Tyrant destroyer. Inflicts kinetic damage and increases the chance of critical damage as the weapon heats up. The closer the gun to overheating — the higher the chance of critical damage.


The new Empire Destroeyr will be deplyed pretty soon as well as new unique modules for suppressor class ships. Keep an eye on the news!

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