New PvP battleground: Complex ‘Alpha-7’



In the closed sector of Corsa Triama system, a suspicious signature similar to the Alien signals has been detected in an asteroid cluster.


The arriving scouts discovered the debris of a huge asteroid, destroyed by an unknown force. Large concentrations of Iridium were found during the study of the debris.


Several corporations constructed rigs for the extraction of Iridium, and a fierce battle for the resource is now at hand.



Stay tuned!

Nobody knows how to use the map to his advantage!

There is a tunnel on the side of each camp, but everyone forgets!

Utterly loathe this map. It’s very pretty, but as first impressions go it gives a bloody awful one. I do NOT want more maps like this. In fact, I’d like it removed from rotation!

Very pretty, complex and totally 3D. I like it very much!

It’s Eh… Spawn points and order of obstacles need to be fixed. The asteroid should be in the middle.