New PvE-mission 'Fire Support' - panorama of the location

Ydra System, Planet Naberia, Position: Naberia-392 Complex.


Fire support


We have received a distress signal from the complex ‘Naberia-392’. A UMC Reconnaissance Squad is requesting fire support. Our people are conducting an investigation at the plant. They are looking for a connection between the plant and the dangerous criminal Miss Summer. They’ve just informed us about an attack of unknown ships.

You are going to have to act above the surface of a planetoid. The old Federation plant was remodeled a few years ago, it was used to build ships and modules for Cybers and pirates. Now the plant iss empty, but its system support and defence mechanisms are still online.

The enemy uses unknown technology to open portals. We can not predict how many opponents you are going to face. In addition, our scanners are detecting an abnormally large object approaching the plant. Exercise extreme caution.



This map is visually a master piece; everything has its own detail where the global picture is completely armonic and breath-taking looking. The launch preview is a really nice touch (perspective camera, not just from above like all other maps). The dreadnought in the sky looks so great and makes this look even cooler. Moving mechs are great too (and big), makes me feel like back in MechWarrior Online with theese multi-flat building sized mechs.

However, performance takes a big hit here (i can only play this without hitch (fraction of second freeze) at min settings, but when the cruiser spawns i get this freeze anyway if im looking at it from the engines (therefore looking at the entire map)), i guess its worth the good looking awesomeness…of course i would love any performance improvement without any big visual impact. Also, im not sure if this happens because my pc cant handle the map properly, but thing is that mechs usually have a weird movement loop (100% its not intended to work that way), or blink constantly in their walking path.

Also it would be cool to free roam this map, perhaps into invasion :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the side view when launching. I just can’t stop looking at it.

It’s a really nice looking map. Playing it for the first time, it’s really quite easy to be impressed by the perspective map on the launch screen.

I like this map a lot; in fact, I’ve pretty much only played this map in PvE recently xD


Looks good, plays well, great overall. My only lament is that during the wave with a lot of demomen and the Commander, when the wave starts I usually crash, probably due to the sudden increase in rendered enemy ships.

Not sure why people say they crash in this topic. For me nothing happens at all. Maybe your computers are weak guys? Hope it gets better for you.

when will this map be implemented in open space??

Absolutely cool map! Both the visual and the playable content itself. Cool mechs too… remind me of the Alien movie :slight_smile: But the mechs seem to be glitchy at times (they blink or become stuck). Hmm… just got an idea… could you make the mechs destructible? :))