New player progress system



All pilots — both beginners and experienced veterans, who thoroughly know all the features of the game, will constantly improve their rank. Progress through the ranks will happen in the form of a story campaign, covering a variety of game modes. Reaching a new level gives the pilot additional opportunities — new game modes, more powerful ships, weapons, modules. By raising his level the pilot also gets access to new locations in the ‘Open Space’ mode.


Pilot’s progress level increases after reaching a certain amount of experience. There are 25 levels available. Experience can be obtained in the following ways:


Develop your fleet!

  • Upgrade all ships to the maximum level. For each new ship level, the pilot receives 20 experience points  

  • Activate as many available nodes as possible in the Ellydium ship development tree. For each unlocked node, the pilot receives 20 experience points

Upgrade active modules, weapons and modifiers!

  • For obtaining an Mk1 module, the pilot receives 5 experience

  • For upgrading to Mk2, the pilot receives 10 experience

  • For upgrading to Mk3, the pilot receives 15 experience

  • For upgrading to Mk4, the pilot receives 20 experience

  • For upgrading to Mk5, the pilot receives 25 experience

You can only get experience for each new module once.

Earn achievements!

  • Earn experience for each achievement unlocked in the game. The amount of experience is indicated in the achievement’s description.


By raising his level the pilot gets access to new ships and tech:

  • At level 1 the pilot can use ships from rank 1 to 10 inclusive

  • At level 5, the pilot can use ships up to rank 15 inclusive

  • At level 10, the pilot can use ships of rank 17 inclusive