New Player (newb?/Ace?/rookie?/cadet?) trying game

Hello, I am new player and want to say hello. Graphics and etc look so good I have to try Star Conflict. :yes_yes:  I have played a lot of MMO, lately been playing some strategy game and etc, no FPS for a while. Any tips or guides I should look at? See you in Space.

if you have trouble figuring out (SIMPLE!) things try at first something yourself - the equipment screen (drag n drop) and how to join a fight are quite intuitive


watch the chat: may another player has the same problem answered at the same time


stay kind in chat even if someone offends you but report the offense at the forum

during battle: stay in motion - if you stand still you will die, use the tactical map (default for toggle is TAB) to plan your next moves

and finally support team members if they are in trouble