New player need advice. n/m destroyers are so broken its in your face.

Greetings, just started the game about an hour ago despite the flood of negative comments on steam something about destroyers breaking the pvp balance and about pay to win. Took a quick look at the forums and saw a user comment in patch notes about devs listening and changing things so decided to take a risk and install. Fought in about a dozen battle so far and started liking the game, what should I be doing now to start preparing for the late game? As in where to go to grind and what items to get? My play style is going to be fast speed ship or medium class balanced ship. Any advice is welcome thanks.


“edit”. Never mind don’t need advice grinded to lvl7 can already see how broken these destroyers are, looks like im not going to be fighting beyond tier 6 matches for balance… destroyers should have been moved up to higher tiers. if I wanted to spawn in a big team battle with destroyers with shields shooting projectiles and basically 1 shotting people it would be better to play dreadnought.