New Player looking for English speaking Corp

Hi Everyone,


I’m 27 and from the UK, working night shifts so my play times are a little wierd.


I’m new to the game having started this month, looking for a corp that I can group up with and start exercising those teamwork muscles that are otherwise going into atrophy joining the random queue. I have a mic and can d/l whatever voice software you are running.


I’m somewhere between a hardcore and casual, I tend to have quite long sessions but tend to be around during off peak times. I like to be competitive but can’t commit to a raiding schedule due to work and family. and as usual I get to play more at weekends than during the week.


(Jumped a bit far ahead on fed so have started leveling Jericho )


Let me know if you can help me out.



Your current profile just tells me that you’re new and nothing more.

Review the Corporations and send a PM to CEO. This feature is available in the game.

Hi Koromac


I am indeed new to the game, and I have looked at the corps ingame (the button next to profile?). As a new player that doesn’t know the ropes I decided to post here as messaging CEO’s till one replied seemed less efficient than having corps who are looking decide if they want to invite me.


If there is any more information that I can provide that Corps like to know, please let me know.



Welcome to the game!


You have provided all the necessary information, it’s just that there is a lack of english-speaking corps in the game. Most of the big ones have pretty much dissolved due to lack of squads in pvp and the sector conquest system being so bad. Corps are pretty much useless unless you are looking to do pve

Corps are pretty much useless unless you are looking to do pve

I disagree. Corps still have functions in providing for competitive T3 tournament wings during the weekends, in addition to daily dreadnought battles.


In regards to OP, I would suggest contacting the CEOs ingame - not a lot of them browse these forums anymore unfortunately, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a decent corp here that you are a good match for. Also, most of the corporate activities nowadays revolve around a strict raid schedule. I suppose you can try to free up a little time over the weekends to do these activities, but I won’t tell you how to live your life.


Good luck in finding a corp!

competitive T3 tournament wings


Agreed, these can be fun. So 6 battles, assuming you can attend two of the timezones.



daily dreadnought battles.


Formup half an hour, 10 minutes between matches… Ain’t nobody got time for that


Also the gamemode is broken. So many times I’ve tried to place an attack and not managed to get in because russian corps with faster ping place them first. It gets so repetitve playing on the same map all the time also.

Hi again all,


Thank you for the help and the info. I’ve now joined a corp.