New player, got to clearance level 6... what do I do?

Hey so I started playing the “Versus AI” in my Hercules, got a feel for the combat… then I did that in my Hercules Rage and I was like “Why is this guy’s gun just ripping people apart?”

It says that everything is level 17 and I don’t know what that means.

So then I grinded on the Deimos with random missions until I had the Hercules, Hercules Rage, and Deimos all max exp. Then I did that with the Lynx, and Axe, and bought some cheap ships in directions that I think are fun to play.

I am not sure what to do. I go into the random missions, make pretty good money, usually get carried hard by someone with an alien ship from the future or something. I can’t figure out how to inspect my allies’ ships and figure out what they’re flying and what they equipped their ships with.

Currently I’m grinding the Harpy (Max level) and now taking the Iron Harpy to max level. But frigates slow, not too much fun, especially against the AI swarms.

New player looking for direction. Thanks if you can point me in a direction. I’m not selling my ships or stuff like that, but I’m just not sure what I could or should be doing to explore the game more.

Fleet strength six… Not sure where to go.

During a match, pressing tab and hovering over the silhouette of the ships allow you to see what ships they are. And what it means that everything is level 17 means that the ships are generally stabilized to their level 17 comparison.

In the settings set ship information to full. You’ll get more info on your ships and everyone else’s ships.


And this is exactly why you shouldn’t do random PVE queues