New Player Event Organizer Team

Dear all


I am proud to announce the promotion of our two new Player Event Organizers.


All send a warm welcome to them:



[](< base_url >/index.php?/user/49541-xofjsa/)


DeadlyConcepta aka xEvilxGodlike

[](< base_url >/index.php?/user/243217-deadlyconcepta/)


Both these players are the originator of the Underground Tournament series.

This promotion is only the official part of the high recognition of their effort towards the community and the game.


All the best


Thank you, i hope we can keep on going with the tournaments and that everyone enjoy’s them …


  • i wish all the pilots (that are joining in nexst weekend’s Tournament) Good Luck & Have Fun.!!




gratz, u earned it guys :slight_smile:

Thank you…

Congrats ! :fed001:  your contribution is really appreciated :012j:

Way to go guys !!!    :012j:


You all been doing a BANG UP JOB !