New missiles' effectiveness

After playing with the new missiles for some time, here are some insights that I have so far. Everyone else feel free to add your own in the comments.


Rank allotment for all crafted missiles needs to be expanded past 13. Maybe allow them to be used on ranks 6-17 or something.



-Repair Missile

Excellent item for all engineer ships. Repairs are good but the cooldown seems a little fast. Might add 1 second or so to it to balance. I like how it detonates at the last position of the locked enemy if they die before it hits them, or turns in to the pickup item if it misses.


-Cluster Rockets

So far every test has shown this missile to be incredibly underpowered. Not only does it seldom hit its target, but the warheads deal almost as much damage as a small Interceptor misisle. The cooldown is good. Range is a little low. Exasive capabilities are none. Speed is ok. Damage is negligible. Given the cost of the missiles, I’d suggest buffing them significantly.


-Repelling Drone

This secondary item for destroyers seems a little odd. Sure it pushes enemies away from you to reduce damage and accuracy, but the duration is rather low and the effect is rather high. I’d suggest reducing the individual push speed to about 400m/s, increasing the duration by about 2.5x, and allowing the push speed to stack more reliably. The energy use for all secondary items also needs to be reduced greatly. The cost is also way high.


-Inhibitor Missiles

Good damage and ok reliability for a fighter missile. Though the effect is about as noticeable as the Liquidator X crit effect, and honestly needs a greater indicator to allies that the target has been debuffed. Cost should probably be reduced a bit because they are basically just standard functionality missiles.


-Pirate Weapons

Honestly I’m disgusted that you decided to lock them behind the moon pass, and they should really be swapped with a free day to allow all players to get them. P2W is all I can think when I see them, because you must pay to get them.