New matchmaking method



Several hundred of the best Star Conflict players were able to achieve great success in PvP battles. The gap between them and other players was quite large, but they often ended up on the same teams. After today’s update matchmaking is going to change.

Now the system takes into account the player’s level of skill. Teams will be formed based on a number of parameters, which reflect the pilot’s skill. That is, by increasing their skill level pilots will be getting into battles with someone showing similar results.

Fighting for each pilot should become more balanced. Each player will be getting opponents and allies of approximately equal strength.



In addition to changes of 25 May, we released another update for the matchmaking system. It has a positive impact on the waiting time of some pilots, as well as the size of the teams.

The system will continue to maintain an optimal balance on skill players. New principles can provide the pilots, whose personal skill level is very high, no long waiting times and a sufficient number of pilots in command. But at the same time, each game keeps the balance between players with different levels of skills and eliminate the possibility of a meeting newcomers with experienced pilots.