New map "Junkyard"

_ Junkyard _

Sector: Restricted sectors

System: Haldon

Position: Junkyard

Station protection: Inactive

Minimum ship rank: 1

Description: Many pilots have come and gone, died in battle and left their ships behind, or simply gave up their ships that they no longer needed or wanted. In most cases, these ships are salvaged, sold, stored in a warehouse, or refurbished. In some cases, there is just no place for them and/or warehouses are already full of unused ships and the parts salvaged from others, so the Federation set out to find a resting place for these ships that needed to be discarded so they would not take up space. The Federation came upon an enormous, flat, and sandy asteroid, which almost resembled a desert from Earth. This dustbowl was undiscovered, uninhabited, and was far away enough to where the discarded ships could be placed. There are many various ranks, sizes, and classes of ships, including prototypes of secret projects that were discarded fill this asteroid with the memories of pilots that once flew in them.

To enter Junkyard, you must use the portal (which right now is unused) at the far back of Service Shop.

Junkyard is a large, dusty, desert-like asteroid with numerous remains of ships, and ships on the surface should look like they have been there for some time, collected dust, and have “decayed” depending on the age of the ship and when it was placed in Junkyard.

Also, I don’t know why the spacing in this so screwed up, it’s probably a bug or something…

And “salvageable” ship parts from them would be epic. Like interactable “ships” that would render miscellaneous crafting materials and occasionally full ship parts. Maybe even secret blueprints from old forgotten technologies or personables left behind by old pilots.

Dreams that never will be reached