New location: ‘Ellydium’ Base



Pilots! New PvE mission and ‘Invasion’ location are already in the game!


A recently formed structure ‘Ellydium’ is engaged in research of Alien technology and study of the properties of Iridium. They constructed a prototype installation for the processing and the practical application of Iridium in military areas and followed it up with a number of successful experiments in this area. According to intelligence reports, the Cartel is behind this organization. We have to carry out a raid to seize the ‘extra’ Iridium from the ‘Ellydium’ base and hand it over to more loyal groups.

Who couldn’t be more loyal then the cartel, when you think about, they seem to have more power and force over the federation sectors… Then the Federations does :stuck_out_tongue:

I love how you built a chain hoist in space… In space you don’t have gravity!

for my part, it is vast but little good container 

(cargo value)


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I do like this mission a lot. It doesn’t drag on like Maintenance does, it’s got far better balance than Processing Rig, Ice Reef or Maintenance, and the twist ending is fun. Difficulty feels just right - sub-optimal R13 ships are viable to use. The only thing it lacks are beacons. If it had them it’d be the perfect PvE scenario.

We need more missions like this and Crimson Haze, and less Hidden Maintenance and Processing Rig (which was far better before the overhaul).

I have not even played this mission yet because PVE bores me. I guess I could trybit at least once though…