New Karma system of OS

I personally think Today’s OS system is far from reall Open World…

So here are my suggestions:


 New Karma system:


    OS task will be given according to your Karma of each side, and each task will affect to your Karma.

Let’s assume you get task “Destroy allien ships at Abondoned Beacon (+3 karma to Federation, -2 karma to Alien)” from Federation side.


Case 1) You denied the offer : Does not affect both Federation side and Alien side karma and the task will be refreshed randomly.


Case 2) You accepted it and completed the task: You get +3 karma to Federation and -2 karma to Alien written in the task.


Case 3) You accepted it and dumped the task in the progress: You get -3 karma to Federation, since you betrayed Federation, but does not affect Alien karma.


     As the progress goes on, the more karma you have, the more frequently they will contact you.


Do you want to be Federation hero?

Go and grab Federation side task.


Do you want to be Cartel’s captain?

Go and grab Cartel side task.


    One more thing, new Karma system also affect friendliness(I can’t think of correct word for this…) of each region.

For example, if you go Abondoned Beacon and meet alien ship:


Case 1) You have Plus karma on alien side : Alien don’t attack you until you open fire.


Case 2) You have 0 karma on alien side : Same as Case 1


Case 3) You have Minus karma on alien side : Careful! They will open fire when you get too close!


   In PVP region:

Case 1-1) If you have high plus karma on one side: They will actively support you when you fight with something. ( All ships will gather around you and help you)

Case 1-2) If you have minor plus karma on one side: They will passively support you when you fight with something. ( They will help you only when you are in their range)

Case 2) If you have 0 karma on one side: They don’t support you at all, but do not open fire first.

Case 3) If you have minus karma on one side: They will actively find you and fire at you.


So what do you think about this new karma system?

Feel free to share your idea with me.



Karma with the different faction would be nice. That’d even add some slight roleplay! You could be an ally of the federation and an arch enemy of the empire and so on!


But i don’t think aliens want to befriend humans… Given that they tend to launch invasions.