New Items for Trade!


Attention, pilots! UMC expands the list of items available for trade! Blueprints of unique equipment for ships Dart and Gargoyle can now be found and purchased on the vast interstellar market of Star Conflict.


●     Blueprints for producing ‘Quantum Railgun’

The perfect addition to Dart active modules reduces cooldown. Together with ‘Harmonic Drive’ these tech will not leave the enemy a single chance to get away from you unscathed.

●     Blueprints for producing ‘Harmonic Drive’

‘Harmonic Drive’ draws strength from allies who are nearby. The more of them around you, the stronger the effect of the active module. The perfect addition to Dart active modules. Perfect for pushing through the enemy.

●     Blueprints for producing ‘Reserve Generator’

Not enough energy in the key moments of the battle? Very often there are times when this stops you from activating important active modules. With this modifier Dart simply won’t have such problems.

●     Blueprints for producing ‘Boson Cannon’

Even more powerful Boson Cannon was created in order to achieve Gargoyle’s combat superiority and high performance in battle. It fascinates with its ability to hit the target with a static charge. It always makes an indelible impression on the enemy.

●     Blueprints for producing ‘Disintegrator Modifier’

A powerful combination of useful properties allows you to drive the target into a trap, and then there’s no stopping Gargoyle’s firepower.Disintegrator modifier provides tremendous power which is highlighted with impressive effects when shooting.

●     Blueprints for producing ‘Dual-channel repeater’

A peculiar Gargoyle CPU modifier that will provide your weapons with enormous firepower. Its activation is very simple — just hit the target.


Take advantage of the new offer of the trading system today!

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