New here

Hey guys just dropped in and wanted to say im really excited about this game. As an aerospace engineer and old school Xwing vs Tiafighter player ( yes im dating myself) I have high hopes for a game like this. I hope they get the space flight mechanics right and allow players to really do some piloting.

Welcome to Star Conflict and I’m pretty sure you will find the game exciting. :slight_smile:

hi there welcome to the forums i wish you all the best and hope the game is to your tasteing but please not this is a beta so there will be bugs and problems so try not to complain when u know fine well the game aint ready :slight_smile: also if u ever do get into the beta be sure to submit beta feedback i have high hopes from the game and looks other games players just play the game for fun and cant be botherd about submiting feedback leaving the campany to do all the choices

/moved the topic;) I think here is a better place.

/moved the topic;) I think here is a better place.

+1 this thread dose not need to be in general discussion