New generation materials and resource limit increase

Resource limit increase
Last update brought a very important change in procurement and accumulation of resources. Each material now has a limit on the maximum number of items in storage. These limits prevent endless emergence of new resource types in the game world and allow active use of the ones discovered earlier. However, new elements will appear in future updates: scientists in each faction are busy working on this area.

After analyzing the responses of pilots who have long and consistently engaged in accumulation of a large amount of resources, UMC decided to set a limit of 10,000 units per resource, with the exception of unique resources for production of Tai’Kin ship cabin and nodes.

All types of resources, which will appear in the future, will also be limited. This policy will not be changed in the future.

This change can be expected tomorrow.
New generation materials
Most of the old resources will be phased out of production, but their stock in player storage can be converted into new resources. They will be used to create future tech and will have a limit on the amount in stock.


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