NEW GAME = Dreadnought!


Well comments ?

Whooo! Might be an alternative.

Keep in mind that this game has different pace that sc. Every ship is like Styx with 5 galvanized armors, you need to plan every turning before doing so. Side salvo can one hit KO almost every ship but single corvette can stick to your unarmed front and pew pew you to shreds. More tactical than action.

I really want to play that game! I’ve had my eye on it for a while now since TESLA told me about it. I hope it will be free to play, even though I doubt it.

How much is dreadnought?



Oh… and our dreadnoughts are bigger. huehuehue

It is not “new” has been around for a lot of time.


Looks like a good game, but it is more akin to World of Warships than to Star conflict.

But it is still in closed beta…

It is more of a World of WarShips, since even with all this cool scenery, everything will come down to fight in same plane 2d with little bit elevation difference here and there, making all these cool cover provided by map design useless. the game is Extremely slow, oh well, maybe all of our by Heart FrigBallers go there.

How much is dreadnought?

Oh… and our dreadnoughts are bigger. huehuehue

I think it is F2P

Maybe this is just leaked dreadnought footage from star conflict.

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One thing that bothers me about this game and Star Conflict is the sheer size of the environment props. They make the ships seem small in comparison.

I d like to fly a real big ship that feels like being big. its not poss to get in beta at leasdt i could nt do it.

I’d just like some massive mothership with hundreds of drones. There’s nothing like sending out a swarm of drones to make you feel like you are in a big ship!