New Free Blood Tormentor Competition (Updated 8-14-16)

The old rules will still apply for points, but new ways of getting points are possible!


I, TheDarkRedFox, am giving away one free Blood Tormentor DLC package (through Steam) to the first person who can kill me with their ship explosion no less than 22 times. Sounds easy, right? Well it gets harder when I don’t tell you what tier I’m playing. (T3-5 only)

I will announce in general English chat when I am in queue for PvP, and for what rank maximum.

Here are the rules and stuff so y’all don’t freak out:

  1. Only final blows caused with the ship explosion count.

  2. To receive credit for the kill, you must respond to a confirmation that I send you in general chat.

  3. I will respond with “point attributed” or something similar.

  4. You may get multiple points in a single game.

  5. If your ship explosion bears the title of the ship you are flying, it counts as 1.5 points. (I’ll let y’all figure out what that means.)

  6. The first person to get 22 points wins, and I will message them in game through the mail system.

  7. The winner will have 7 days to respond and claim the prize.

  8. If the prize is not claimed in 7 days, the contest will resume and the next person can have a chance to win.

  9. During the 7-day waiting period, all points will be regarded as quarter-points (0.25 points).

  10. If a person wins with a score of 22.25 or higher, they will receive a special prize in addition to the Blood Tormentor DLC.

  11. You must have Steam to accept the prize.

  12. You must not already have the DLC to accept the prize.

  13. You must be anyone but xKostyan to participate.

  14. At any time you may inquire about your points via in-game mail.

  15. If you falsify a reported point, your score will be deducted 5 points.

  16. If you falsify another reported point, you will be disqualified.

  17. If you kill xKostyan and his ship explosion kills me, you get 7 points automatically, regardless of any other rules.

  18. If you self-destruct to gain the kill, you will only gain half-points.

  19. I cannot be held responsible for any rage caused by this competition.

  20. The competition has no time limit, unless an end-date is specified by myself here.

  21. Organised kills will count as normal kills, but only the one who stealth the final blow will receive points.

  22. I retain the right to change any of the above rules at any time without cause.

Alright, go try to kill me! I’ll be on most during lunchtimes on Tuesday and Thursday CST. Weekends are usually good too, as well as 8-11:00pm CST any given day. I will be found most often in T5, but I also play lots of T3.

Along with these rules, you may also obtain points using the following set of rules:

  1. You may obtain 1 point for every kill obtained via ramming.

  2. Ramming assist do not count.

  3. Ramming kills via warp will give 0.25 points.

  4. You may obtain 2 points for any kill gotten using the Reaper ship’s Improved Ram.

  5. You may obtain 3 points for kills gotten with gravitationally-based collisions.

  6. Trickshot kills will gain you points determined by the coolness factor of the kill. (Longshots, oneshots, round-the-corner-shots, etc.)

  7. Hell, I may just randomly give out points for really good kills now.

  8. This Blood Tormentor is rotting in my inventory and only one of you can save it from my Foxy grasp.

  9. Kills gained via Standard (Non-premium) ships will give higher points depending on kill.

  10. Kills gained with alien technology will give a x1.25 multiplier of points.

  11. One point will be granted for every 5,000 damage done to TheDarkRedFox via the Energy Converter.

  12. If a pilot destroys my ship in under 2 seconds without any assists, they gain 0.5 points. (Because that means I wasn’t paying attention.)


Ways to get points in PvE modes: (Free points are claimed by the first person to PM me in battle for any reason. Free points expire after the battle ends. I will announce how many available points there are and when they are claimed.)

  1. If I die by an AI ship explosion, 1 free point is generated.

  2. If I die by collision with an AI ship, 1 free point is generated.

  3. If my ship explosion kills more than one AI ship, 2 free points are generated.

  4. If a teammate has 2,500 or more efficiency points over my score at the end of the match, they will receive 2 points.

I already have the Blood Tormentor, but I’d still enjoy to kill you… So, when and what tier do you usually play? 

For this competition I will mostly be playing Tier 3 so that most players have a chance to kill me.

You could simply reduce the required points to like 5, and it would be a reacheable number.

I’m not trying to give the ship away. XD

I want this to be a slightly more attainable goal than the new premium ships. Those requirements are insane. I’m at 16/60 parts for my bastion shield. I WOULD be at around 50/60 by now but the missions don’t give rewards 80% of the time.